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"I believe in a world where little girls don't miss out on summers because they feel like they have to choose between being the only one in a one-piece, or the fat girl in the bikini."

Hello! my name is Elle:

I am passionate about initiatives that will better the lives of whole humans, aid in bridging the gaps between the lab bench and patient bedside, and those with the opportunity to set new gold standards in medical practice. I have contributed to the development and commercialization of innovative solutions that transform healthcare at a systematic level. 


I started Ellegance by Elle in 2021, to focus on elegantly pairing the depth of research and development workflows to accomplish your clinical and commercialization goals. I received my B.S. in Nutrition Science and double minors in Chemistry & Medical Sciences from Indiana University in 2019. In 2020, I received a Pre-medical Graduate Certificate from the Keck Graduate Institute (Claremont Colleges). I worked on developing a rapid point-of-care diagnostic to identify bacteria causing urinary tract infections - basically, it will provide the same results as a urine culture except in less than an hour, rather than 3 days. In 2021, I will complete my M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a specialization in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.


I have worked on various projects that provide the data that identifies the need for an intervention,

and projects working toward developing the interventions themselves. I have experience in both writing and presenting with a variety of focused lenses such as - clinical validity, clinical utility, technical capabilities, data infrastructure and integrations, HIPAA, and much more. 

I look forward to helping bring your solution to life!  

Why Personalized 


 In my short 24 years of life, I spent 10 years struggling with obesity. 


I Need a Scientific Expert 

Need assistance from a STEM STAR?

I offer tutoring services across the sciences and math up to algebra 2.

View My Resume Here 

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